Going Out Alone – a Great Experience or Total Boredom?

We all love going out. A good film in the cinema, restaurant, pub, loud party etc. Each one likes different style of entertainment and there are those who also like to combine these options according to the present vibe.

We wait for Thursday as the end of the week just to get off of a daily routine.

One of the frustrating things happens when we are in a strong muse of to go out and no one wants to join. What do you do in such a situation, are you the kind of person who can go alone or do not even think of it as an option?

The following article may change your perception of individual exit.

Why are we so afraid to go out alone?

The point is that for most people, lone pleasure entertainment is considered irrational.

According to a study of Science of us, there are two guidelines in the context of entertainment – pleasure and intellectual. Intellectual entertainment is considered an activity that promotes us such as studies, courses, reading a book and even a Torah lessons. These actions are perceived as legitimate actions for individual action, as opposed to entertainment for pleasure, such as a movie, stand-up show, party, restaurant meal, and more, is perceived by people as illegitimate fore sole entertainment.

This derivative comes from internal beliefs that we all have and our perception of what is considered normative and what can present us in a strange light.

Fun without partners – forcing you to leave the comfort zone

One of the goals of all of us in life is to leave the comfort zone whenever it is possible. While in social entertainment we surround ourselves in our familiar environment, on a single occasion we force ourselves to develop communication with new people, which improves communication skills and advances us another step towards the best version of ourselves.

The same study by the two British researchers found that going out alone is not as bad as we thought and could even be an unforgettable experience. This study made me remember the phrase “all good is on the other side of fear” which means to me that where we are not comfortable, there we experience the greatest moments of life.

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