Why do we stop liking parties as we grow older?

First of all, parties are a fun thing! The atmosphere is exciting, the DJ drops the beat, lights are flickering, and everyone is smiling, dancing and having fun.

Parties give us the sense of physical and mental release we need so often.

Just forget everything, drink a refreshing drink and dance as if there is no tomorrow together with your friends. So why still as we get older, we are less enthusiastic about going to clubs?

We have some interesting theories.

The reasons we’re sick of parties and clubs

Changes in the structure of personality and beliefs – there is nothing to be done. As we grow older, our perceptions and beliefs change as to what is important, and this is one of the reasons we get rid of nightclubs. A person who believes that at his age it is time for him to find a real relationship and not spend time in nightclubs automatically begins to go less and less to these places for which they are identified with the lack of seriousness, so he would prefer to seek out more pubs and restaurants that “fit” more to what he wants to broadcast to the world.

The long face control lines – enough, we’re tired of waiting in face control lines and begging the not so nice selector to be kind enough to get us into the club. These lines bring the person to the realization that at his age it is no longer appropriate for him to wait for half an hour just to enter a club that is not even enthusiastic about going out there.

Economic savings – there is no doubt that for reasons that business is expensive. The prices of alcohol in nightclub bars are very expensive and if we add to this the costs of admission in advance. At the time of the army service, for example, we have no problem wasting all the salary on our entertainment, but as we grow older, we look at money in more serious way and we think to ourselves a few times before throwing 300 shekels into a nightclub club.

Elder friends – Even if you are a person who has not yet fully exhausted by the clubs, it is important to understand that your environment has also matured and there are not always partners for a wild night at a club in Tel Aviv.

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